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  • hydra facial, treatment, benefits

    What is HydraFacial treatment?

    Facial treatment for exfoliation, cleansing and hydration in the face is HydraFacial treatment. In this procedure, there occurs the removal of dead skin, dirt and impurities which then cleans and clears the pores and helps in soothing skin. It is the pain-free process that uses the patented device for the exfoliation and cleansing which is better than the regular facial…

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  • benefits of vampire facial

    Benefits of vampire facial

    What is a vampire facial? Vampire facial is the skin care treatment which is also known as platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy that involves micro-needling technique. It is the type of cosmetic skin care treatment in which a mask is made out of components of own blood and spread all over the face to rejuvenate the complexion. It uses the…

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  • tips for skin care in winter

    How to prepare your skin for winter ?

    Winter, the season of snow, dry freezing air, low temperature and roughness is here which is often harsh for our skin. It may cause dryness in skin which further leads to dehydration in the skin. It can cause dullness in skin, so it is very essential to take extra care for our skin than normal. Since, skin lacks the natural…

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  • how to maintain skin after getting botox

    How To Maintain Your Skin After Getting BOTOX

    A neurotoxin that targets the nervous system, disrupting the nerve signaling processes that stimulate muscle contraction and the drug causes temporary muscle paralysis is known as Botox. Botox injections do not let the release of acetylcholine, which stops the muscle cells from contracting. The toxin helps the muscles to become less stiff in this way. Botox and its importance: BOTOX…

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