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Shampoo in Nepal

Everyone wants smooth, thick and silky hair. So, most of the people change shampoos often to have shiny, smooth and silky hair. We can find different shampoos according to the type of hair as anti-dandruff shampoo, anti-hair fall shampoo, etc.

Top 10 shampoos available in Nepal 

1.Head and shoulder shampoo:

American brand shampoo that is also renowned by its anti-dandruff property, it helps in deep cleaning the hair. It can be used for the dry and fizzy hair to have smooth and silky hair. This brand has various type of shampoos based on the hair condition like anti-dandruff shampoo, silky and smooth hair shampoo, deep moisturizing shampoo in different flavors for the satisfaction of the customers. 

Price ranges from Rs.400 above for the bottle of 350ml.

It is also available in sachet at lower cost. 

2.Clinic plus:

The shampoo enriched with multivitamins and advanced milk formula has effect on hair for the strong, thick and smooth hair. It is available in various form like clinic plus strong and long. It contains milk and lysine for healthy hair with shining nature. This shampoo helps in nourishment of hair and cleanses the hair along with scalp deep.

Price ranges from Rs.200 for the bottle of 300ml and Rs.2 for the sachet. 

3.Pantene shampoo:

Pantene shampoo has different forms for different types of hair treatment. It helps in increasing the length of the hair by preventing the breakage of hair strands and making hair follicles strong. It can also be used to provide moisture to the colored hair. 

Price  starting from Rs.190 and is available in sachet

4.Sunsilk shampoo:

Sunsilk shampoo along with conditioner has been getting good reviews for its benefits in making hair strong, silky, smooth and thick. As of other shampoos, it also has its varieties for different types of hair treatments. It has been targeting for the dry, damaged hair, long and smooth hair, shiny and thick hair and has been maintaining image by providing the quality products.

Price for sachet Rs.2.5 and for bottle starting from Rs.250


Dove is renowned for silky and smooth hair by repairing the damage in the hair. It is mostly used in repairing the dry hair and hair splits which then gives the silky looks to the hair. Price and the benefits vary for each different type of this shampoo. 

Price of Dove daily shine shampoo: Rs.595

Price of Dove Intense repair shampoo: Rs.595

6.Himalaya Herbal Shampoo:

Sulphate free shampoo enriched in proteins helps in preserving the hair’s natural nutrients while cleaning the scalp also helps in reducing hair-fall and controlling the damage with anti-dandruff activities.

Price of Shampoo: Above Rs.300

7.Garnier shampoo:

Garnier shampoo is best for dry and damaged hair and in providing healthy and soft hair. Garnier ultra blends helps in making the fragile hair strong that can resist hair-fall. Some of its product might contain sulphate but also contains natural ingredients that helps in maintaining the damaged hair.

Price starts from Rs.215

8.Loreal Paris shampoo:

Loreal paris shampoo is the sulfate free shampoo that is gentle and helps in providing essential moisture and shine to the hair. It does not contain surfactants and other things so, it is gentle for the colored hair and makes hair silky and smooth.

Price starts from Rs.400 for loreal Paris

9.Livon sulfate free shampoo:

Livon shampoo is sulfate and paraben free shampoo that contains proteins which helps in retaining hair’s natural oil and keeps the hair hydrated and freed from dry and damaged hair.

Price: Rs.300 or above

10.Dexe Hair Shampoo:

Dexe shampoo consists of plant extracts and protein providing moisture and nourishment in the hair with soft and shiny looks. You can use hair-fall control and black hair shampoo for controlling hair-fall and for black-shiny and glossy hair respectively.

Price: Rs.300 or above

You can choose and use the shampoo of your own or can take help from above descriptions. Not only shampoo can bring the changes in your hair quickly, you have to regular use the same shampoo in order to see the changes. We recommend you to use conditioner and treatment cream in order to have better results and healthy hair. 

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