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Skin Care Nepal

  • scar care solution

    Scar removal in Nepal

    Scars are the marks left behind in the skin after the wounds or injuries have been treated. Scars are the results of injuries, surgeries, wounds to replace the damaged skin. Scar can also be caused by acne, high exposure to sun, chickenpox and hormonal imbalance. Scar tissues are made of collagen and might be of any shape or size. Some…

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  • Stretch mask suffering and its cure

    What are stretch marks?

    Stretch marks are the fine lines in the skin that occurs when there is weight gain and the skin stretches more. Having stretch marks does not necessarily mean that the person is overweight but there is sudden growth which disrupts the normal production of collagen. Mostly stretch marks are seen in hips, stomach, butt and thighs. These stretch marks are…

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  • here, our nurse is doing skin laser for our patient in kathmandu

    What is skin laser treatment?

    Skin laser treatment is the treatment that uses a pulsating beam of lights in the skin to improve appearance of skin, reduce wrinkles, fine lines and enlarged pores and severe acne scars. This treatment is even effective to clear black spots. It is a quick working treatment that shows effect soon with better results. How is it done? A beam…

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  • top Skin Whitening Cream

    skin whitening cream in Nepal

    Not everybody has fair skin naturally, so those people who want fair skin can use skin whitening cream to have fair skin with the glow and natural looking skin tone. For this, you have to select the cream that can have maximum effect without side effects. Here are some lists of the skin whitening cream that is available in your…

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  • Top facial mask in Nepal, here we have insert of women with best facial mask

    Facial mask in Nepal

    Facial masks are the skin care products that contains minerals, vitamins and extracts of fruits and are used for deep cleansing of the pores, increase clarity of face and preserve the complexion. They often provide tighter pores and helps in hydrating skin and removing excess oils. Various types of facial masks have been manufactured according to the skin types like:…

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  • here we have define,The ordinary Aha Bha Peeling solution using process

    Ordinary Aha Bha Peeling Solution

    What is Aha Bha peeling solution? Aha Bha peeling is the exfoliating facial containing Alpha Hydroxy Acid and Beta Hydroxy acid that helps in exfoliation of the skin and improve skin radiance. AHA exfoliates skin’s topmost surface which then provides brighter and even appearance to the skin. AHA exfoliates skin clearing the pores congestion with extended function. Combining both aha…

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  • skin care

    Skin care in Nepal

    Good skincare and skincare habits are essential in all ages. Skin Care is important to keep the skin glowing and in good condition after going through dust and pollution all day long. Skincare is important to keep your skin youthful and also helps you boost your confidence and keeps your skin in good condition preventing it from future damage…

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  • japanese skin care product in nepal

    Japanese skin care products available in Nepal

    For maintaining the hygienic state of the skin, effective skin care is a must.  Proper washing, bathing, cleansing, and the use of soaps, detergents, oils, etc are some of the important things we gotta do for our skin. In case of diseases, therapeutic and protective solutions and ointments are useful. Taking care of skin  is particularly important in various occupations,…

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  • top cetaphil products in nepal


    Cetaphil is an American brand and one of the most admired skincare products all over the world. Cetaphil has been appreciated for over 70 years now. It is trusted and recommended by dermatologists all over the world. It is a gentle skincare product and the product is available for all skin types. Cetaphil has a wide range of skincare products…

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