Top 10 ways to prepare your skin for winter

How to prepare your skin for winter ?

Winter, the season of snow, dry freezing air, low temperature and roughness is here which is often harsh for our skin. It may cause dryness in skin which further leads to dehydration in the skin. It can cause dullness in skin, so it is very essential to take extra care for our skin than normal. Since, skin lacks the natural moisture, the use of petroleum jelly and moisturizers help in sealing the skin pores and prevent water loss from the skin.

 Also, diet is also the influencing factor in winter for your skin to look dull. As winter starts, intake of sugar and fat increases than usual which increases the dullness and tightness in the skin.

 For your healthy skin, here are some top skin care tips in winter season 

  1. Use of moisturizers:

The skin looks dull and becomes dry in winter. The use of moisturizer at night time and before the use of other beauty products help in maintaining the skin by preventing the water loss from skin. Use of oil-based moisturizer during the winter season helps to seal water in the skin and keeps the skin hydrated and moisturized. Choose the moisturizer with organic ingredients and oil-based form.

  1. Change from lotion to cream:

Cream acts as the oily barrier in the skin preventing loss of water from the skin more than that of lotions. Oil based cream with less water content is more helpful for skin in winter to protect from extreme cold temperature. Since, cream is heavier than lotion, it protects the skin from water loss which keeps the skin hydrated during winter season.

  1. Use of sunscreen:

Our skin is not mostly like to be exposed in the sun during winter. It does not mean that our skin does not need protection from UV rays. So, we can use the sunscreen of appropriate SPF while going out. We can use the sunscreen starting from SPF 15 and above 30 if we are out in sunlight for more time.

  1. Eating habits:

Eating habits influence the most in the skin. Having more sugars and carbohydrates seem normal during the winter season but it has the great impact in breakout of more acnes. So, limiting the foods containing carbohydrates and sugar can help in the control of acnes.

  1. Exfoliate your skin: 

Since dead cells can interfere with the skincare products outcome, exfoliating your skin 2-3 times a week is needed. It helps in penetration of skincare products maintaining proper hydration to the skin and brings back the glow of the skin.

  1. Protection of lips: 

Use sugar scrubs in the lips to get rid of dry and rough skin. You can add a little honey in the sugar scrub to promote healing. Use lip balm in the morning after brushing your teeth and before using the lip care products like lipsticks to prevent the skin from drying. You can use nourishing lip balm before bed to prevent the drying of lips overnight.

  1. Use serum: 

Serum boosts the hydration in the skin that is perfect for the skin pores while switching from various places of changing temperatures during the winter. Use serum before applying the moisturizer every night so that it boosts your hydration in the skin and provides the glowing complexion to the face during winter season.

  1. Shorten your shower time: 

Long hot shower in the winter makes us feel good and relaxed after work but exposing in long hot shower may cause redness in skin. So shorten your shower time with lukewarm water and use the moisturizer from top to toe right after bath. You can use shower gel with enriched nourishment instead of soaps for extra care of skin. 

  1. Use humidifier: 

The air in the environment during winter is the dry air. The more you are exposed to dry air, the more dehydrated is your skin as dry air steals all the moisture present in the skin. So, use humidifier in your room at night if you are living in dry climate. 

  1. Use gloves:

 Hands suffer a lot during winter. We wash hands after any work to avoid infection leaving hands suffer from dryness. So for the care of hands, you can use gloves while exposing in the outer surroundings after applying the moisturizers to protect hands from dry air and flaky and rough skin.

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