Vampire facial in Nepal | Benefits of vampire facial

Benefits of vampire facial

What is a vampire facial?

Vampire facial is the skin care treatment which is also known as platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy that involves micro-needling technique. It is the type of cosmetic skin care treatment in which a mask is made out of components of own blood and spread all over the face to rejuvenate the complexion. It uses the blood from the patient undergoing the vampire facial therapy. It utilizes the plasma separated from the blood of the patient and then the same plasma is injected back in the skin with the help of tiny needles. It helps to improve skin tone and texture, lines and acne scars remodeling.

How does it work?

When the platelets enter the body, it does not manipulate the body but it increases the body’s ability to heal and regenerate.  It stimulates collagen production in skin through combination of micro-needling with platelet rich plasma. After the entry of platelets in the body, it starts its work.  It stimulates the regeneration of old and weakened skin cells and promotes growth of new collagen and elastin. It then gives brighter, healthier and youthful skin with anti-ageing properties. It reduces the pore size and rejuvenates the under-eye area. It improves the appearance of wrinkles. 

Is vampire facial safe?

Vampire facial is completely safe if it is done with sterilized equipment in a clean environment. All the procedures must be done in a clean environment and with safety. Since blood is used in the preparation of the platelets, no adverse effects and allergies are likely to occur and also low chances of communicable diseases like HIV. Minor symptoms like redness or irritation might occur for the first 2-3 days, but it usually goes away with time.

Price of vampire facial in Nepal

Vampire facial is non-surgical pain-free skin treatment for anti-ageing at affordable cost. The facial needs three sessions and each session costs about 10,000 per session. 

Vampire facial before and after

Usually, the effect of a vampire facial is seen from 1 week. It lasts from 1 year to 18 months. The skin will look brighter and more refreshed than usual after the facial. It increases the youthfulness in skin by reducing the wrinkles and dullness of the skin. The scars will fade away and acne is diminished. Hyperpigmentation and premature wrinkles are treated/ gone. If applied in the hairline, it improves hair growth and also heals sport injuries and damaged muscles. 

Overall, there are only benefits from the vampire facial. Some of the benefits to list are:

  • Reduce lines and wrinkles
  • Reduce acnes and scars
  • Improve skin tone and texture
  • Painless non-surgical skin treatment
  • Tight and firm skin
  • Reduce dullness of sin 
  • Brighter skin
  • Improved moisture retention

Side effects and recovery:

Side effects of vampire facial includes redness and bruises after the treatment for first few days but the effects will be gone gradually in few days.  For the recovery of the effects, you can use the gentle cleanser and artificial fragrance according to the doctor for 72 hours. Also, the use of SPF based sunscreen in your face to prevent from damages to the newly facial skin. Some skin needs the following session for the complete removal of the wrinkles and acnes depending upon the skin.

1.Things to know about vampire facial:

  • Vampire facial is the affordable and pain free non-surgical skin treatment.
  • It is safe and effective treatment as there is no risk of rejection by using own blood.
  • It is the carefully crafted and tested and trained procedure that can only be performed by the officially trained personals.

2.Things to avoid before and after vampire facial:

  • Avoid the blood thinners few days before the appointment.
  • Avoid some drugs like ibuprofen and aspirin for few days.
  • After the treatment, do not wash your skin for at least five hours.
  • Do not do work that might make you sweat or make skin wet for at least 5 hours after the treatment.
  • Do not take hot shower, expose skin to direct sunlight after few hours of facial procedure.

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