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Eyeshadow Palette in Nepal

Attractive eyes are catchy and can even change the looks of the people. For beautiful eyes, one can do eye makeup which gives the visible change to that person. Only using eye shadow can increase the beauty of eyes and increase the self-confidence of the people. Eyeshadow is the cosmetic product intended to use in the upper eyelids to make eyes look attractive and beautiful. Some uses eyeshadow under eyes to brow bones. Different companies have been manufacturing eyeshadow having different features.  Most people prefer long lasting eyeshadow which are portable and have varieties in a single palette.

Top 10 eye shadow palette available in Nepal along with their features:

1. Carnival Eye shadow palette:

Carnival has its supersized palette containing 40 shades that can be used for casual looks as well as when you are ready to attend parties. This palette is portable so that you can take it and can have glamorous eyes anywhere anytime with urgent notice. It has 30+ vibrant matte eyeshadows with highly pigmented shimmers and striking highlighters and a mirror for self-makeover.

Price of carnival eye shadow palette ranges around Rs.3000

2. Lakme Eye shadow palette:

Lakme eye shadow palette contains 4 colors of shades in a single palette which consists of radiant color and shimmer particles. It consists of quartet with 4 ready to blend colors. You can choose the color combination of your likes in the palette so that you won’t waste money on the shades you don’t like. It can be used for everyday looks, party looks and wedding as it stays long in your face.

Price of lakme eye shadow palette ranges around Rs.1000

3. TonyMony Eye shadow palette:

This palette consists of 35 colors highly pigmented shades with a mixture of glitters, foiled shimmers and buttery matte shades. You can combine the shades to achieve different combinations and you can have elegant looks with the help of this palette in eye make-over. It contains mustard tones, rich browns and golden shimmers.

Price of tonymony eye shadow palette ranges around Rs.2000 

4. Coco venus Eye shadow palette:

It contains around 35 shades in a single palette that are waterproof and have no harm to skin. It is also the cheaper one with different benefits. It is suitable for eye makeup during parties, wedding and casual looks. It is smooth and soft which is easy to layer and blend and stays in eyes for a whole day.

Price of coco venus eye shadow palette starts from Rs.500.

5. Huda Beauty Eye shadow palette:

Long lasting and water-resistant shades of 18 pigmented nude textures and colors which is easy to use in combination and gives elegant looks. This palette ranges from flattering mattes to shimmer-drenched hues. IT can be used in combination for various occasions.

Price of huda beauty eye shadow palette starts from Rs.3500

6. Loreal Paris Eye Shadow palette:

Loreal Paris has invented varieties of eye shadow palette to bring out the beautiful women, It contains 10 different colors that can be worn singly or in combination as per the mood and occasion. It is lightweight and glides easily so that easier to use and comes with double-ended tool for application in a packed palette. Each shades is long-lasting and creates effortless nude eye looks.

Price of Loreal Paris eye shadow palette starts from Rs.750

7. Maybelline Eye shadow palette:

This eye shadow palette consists of 10 different alluring shades which flatters the contours of eyes for irresistible looks. The powder texture contains the shades that suit in all skin types. The dual-end applicator makes people easier to use. Some palette consists of creamy eyeshadows with blush and highlighter in a single palette.

Price of Maybelline eye shadow palette starts from Rs.1200

8. Sivanna Colors Eye shadow palette:

The eye shadow palette consisting of highest quality ingredients to provide fresh and long-lasting makeup for all skin types stays in eyelids all day long.  It is suitable for day or night looks, with single or combined shades. You can choose the shades of your choice from the varieties of shades in a single palette.

Price of Sivanna Colors eye shadow palette starts from Rs.1200

9. LA Girl Eye shadow palette:

This palette contains highly pigmented shades from vibrant shimmers to bold mattes with a mirror. It includes both warm and cold tones and is suitable for all skin types. Some palettes contain 9 shades that are soft and creamy which gives you the elegant looks that you fall for this product.

Price of LA Girl eye shadow palette ranges around Rs.1200

10. Rimmel London Eye shadow palette:

The dermatologist tested eye shadow palette has a highly bendable formula in a range of finishes and is easy to apply by sponge, brush or fingertip of your ease. It contains eye shadows, liner and highlighter for multiple eye looks which gives long lasting and intense looks.

Price of Rimmel London Eye shadow palette ranges around Rs.1200

This listing somehow can help you choose your palette for eye makeover but you can still do your own research before using or buying the product. 

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